StarTalk Live! Climate Change

Backstage at The Bell House before StarTalk Live! Climate Change. From Left: Eugene Mirman, Jemaine Clement, Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig, Bill Nye, Michael Che. Photo Credit: Elliot Severn.
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On a hot night in Brooklyn, Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman get steamed up about climate change with help from their guests, climatologist Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig (member of the Nobel Prize-winning IPCC) and comedians Jemaine Clement and Michael Che. Find out how climatologists create climate change and environmental impact models, and why those models show that the rate of global warming is faster than anticipated. Learn about albedo, the hockey stick, tipping points, and the “knock-on effects” of warmer temperatures. You’ll hear why fossil fuels are bad for the environment, what the global impact of a one degree Celsius change in temperature would be, and how cities are the “first responders” in addressing climate change. All this plus coastal flooding, melting glaciers, species migration, agricultural disruption, world-ending “cow farts” and the future of New York City and New Orleans.

Previously recorded live at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY.

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