About Gary O’Reilly

Comedic Co-Host

In a highly successful and medal laden professional career spanning 14 years in English soccer, television and radio presenter/commentator & writer Gary O’Reilly played with some of Britain’s top clubs including Tottenham Hotspurs and Crystal Palace.

Playing during some of the finest moments in these clubs’ histories, O’Reilly often grabbed the spotlight for himself – he scored the opening goal during the 1990 FA Cup Final for Crystal Palace and was also part of the UEFA Cup winning squad of 1984 and the FA Cup winning squads of 81 & 82 with Tottenham Hotspurs.

Post soccer career O’Reilly has established himself as a globally renowned, highly experienced and seasoned multisport TV/Radio broadcaster. Regarded by many as one of the best soccer analysts in the business, O’Reilly is facile in his command as a host and talented at transforming complex sports plays and news into engaging and informative narrative action. He has broadcast to literally billions of people throughout every continent in the world, appearing on most of the world’s leading sports channels from NBC, ESPN, FOX Sports (USA, Asia, Australia…), The BBC (all networks), Sky Sports UK, Star India, and so many, more!