mikemacmarketing’s image of a robot solving math problems.
mikemacmarketing’s image of a robot solving math problems.

Will AI Replace Us? with Matt Ginsberg

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About This Episode

Is artificial intelligence taking over? Neil deGrasse Tyson and co hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly discuss deepfakes, AI hallucinations, and whether AI really is intelligent with software engineer at X, the moonshot factory, Matt Ginsberg.

Have we been using AI in the right way? We explore deepfakes and the technology to verify an image’s legitimacy. Is artificial intelligence really intelligent? We break down what AI can and cannot understand. Does AI understand causality? Or even reality?

What is AI bad at? Could it help us discover objects and phenomena we never knew to look for? We discuss how it could help us explore space or call plays in a football game. Could we one day see AI calling plays instead of coaches? Do two machine coaches cancel eachother out?

Can AI predict the weather? We discuss the concept of chaos and how close we are to artificial general intelligence. Find out about AI’s relationship to the truth and how we can combat people using it to spread misinformation. Finally, could deepfakes become so good that it’s the end of the internet?

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