Maker Mix, with Bill Nye (Part 2) – StarTalk All-Stars

Image from the 2016 Paris Maker Faire. Photo by Quentin Chevrier, © Makery
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About This Episode

What is the maker movement? Find out when Bill Nye and Chuck Nice answer more fan-submitted Cosmic Queries about makers in the conclusion of our StarTalk All-Stars “Maker Mix.” Delve into the mindset of makers, from maximizing recyclable materials and utilization of renewable energy, to whether it’s better to encourage unrestricted imagination (free play) or scaffold development with support and guidelines. Bill and Chuck discuss the distinctions between computers, bots and robots, and the implications of internet connected devices and the singularity. You’ll hear Bill tell a fan how to build a portable greenhouse using inflatable plastic domes, solar power, and hydroponics, which leads to a discussion about legalization of marijuana. Learn what’s next for 3d printing and additive manufacturing, from atomic scale manufacturing of more compact circuits to large scale construction of entire buildings. You’ll also explore the potential use of 3d printing in space, from building deep space telescopes like a next-generation Hubble in orbit rather than on Earth, to bringing various types of “goo” to produce everything space explorers and colonists might need including tools, repair parts, and food. All this plus Maker Faire, 3d printing in the classroom, the importance of Algebra for getting kids excited about STEM, and so much more.

Elements of this show originally appeared in other podcasts, in segments brought to you by Google as part of their Making Science with Google initiative. For more information, visit

NOTE: All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: Maker Mix, with Bill Nye (Part 1) – StarTalk All-Stars.

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