Edwin Moses on the Wheaties box.
Edwin Moses on the Wheaties box.

Gold Metal Physics, with Edwin Moses (Re-release)

Photo Courtesy of Edwin Moses.
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About This Episode

Can a physics background help you win gold? Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-hosts Gary O’Reilly and Chuck Nice discover how to use science to win, competing in the Olympics, and anti-doping with Dr. Edwin Moses, two-time Olympic gold medalist and the greatest hurdler of all time.

To start us off, Edwin tells us about his geek roots in physics and engineering. Find out why he was the “Urkel” of his school. Edwin explains how he had to learn to run track without having access to an actual track. You’ll learn about his time at Morehouse College and how he used science to approach running in a totally unique way.

Discover how Edwin used physics to crack the code of the 400m hurdles. We discuss how running on different tracks changes the race. Edwin explains how dance helped him work on his hurdling technique. You’ll also learn why the 400m hurdles is one of the hardest races in all of track and field.

Then, we dive into anti-doping, as Edwin serves as the Emeritus Chair of the United States Anti-Doping Agency. Edwin shares his experiences watching people around him cheat in the Olympics and how that urged him to stand up for fairness. We explore how doping is getting more sophisticated over the years. Is there a way to change the culture of high-performance athletes?

Lastly, Edwin reminisces on how he almost set himself on a path to become an astronaut. You’ll also find out why Edwin’s early adoption of the ice bath made other athletes laugh. All that, plus, we investigate his embrace of technology throughout his career.

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