Cosmic Queries: Monsters with Bill Nye

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Who are you going to call when you need a little science to chase away the things that go bump in the night? Bill Nye and Chuck Nice, of course! In our Halloween episode of Cosmic Queries, Bill and Chuck answer fan questions about monsters of all kinds. You’ll learn whether physics can explain the existence of ghosts, or if we could create a real live wolfman via gene splicing, or if zombies would make the perfect space travelers. Could we actually transplant a human brain into a reanimated body the way Frankenstein did with his monster? Is there enough nutrition in blood to support a human vampire? Could a zombie fungus evolve to control a human host? You’ll hear Bill’s thoughts on why we create monsters, and why, separated by centuries and continents, they seem to take similar forms across cultures, from sea monsters and dragons, to ghosts and werewolves. Finally, find out what really scares Bill and what Chuck says Halloween is all about.

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