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About This Episode

If you think this episode will be filled with fan-submitted questions about expanding one’s perspectives through the use of marijuana and LSD, you’re right. But co-host Chuck Nice also throws a few other Cosmic Queries at All-Stars host Bill Nye, and it’s quite the eclectic mix of subjects. For instance, “Can physics explain why time seems to speed up as we get older?” Or, should new technology and the access to information it brings be made available to everyone, or just those who can afford it? Or, can toys and games designed to get young girls interested in STEM fields change the quality of life for everyone? You’ll hear about the impact of zero gravity on our bodies and our minds – and on spiders; the challenge of cataloging all possible terrestrial organic molecules; the importance of clean water on Earth; and how the effort to fight climate change could be the one issue that unites humanity in a common effort. Explore the potential for human contamination and pollution of Mars, as well as how finding life on the Red Planet could change everyone’s perspective about life here on Earth. Of course, the subject does keep returning to the perspective expanding attributes of drugs. Bill and Chuck review the impact of legalization, and Chuck shares his experiences with pot. You’ll hear what Bill has done – and not done – to expand his own perspectives, and discover the one thing Bill has seen unexpectedly – and repeatedly – expand other people’s cosmic perspectives: seeing Saturn with their own eyes through the lens of a telescope.

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