High magnification micrograph of rheumatic heart disease.
High magnification micrograph of rheumatic heart disease.

Beating Time: Dodging the Number One Killer with Dr. Lipi Roy

Nephron, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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About This Episode

Could we eliminate the number one cause of death? Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly go to medical school to learn about heart health, the impacts of COVID, and the cardiovascular disease epidemic with physician and founder of SITA Med, Dr. Lipi Roy.

How can we live to be 150 years old? We discuss whether eliminating the number one cause of death would extend our lifespans. Learn about the different ways the heart can get broken and steps you can take to live more heart healthy. What are marijuana and alcohol’s effects on the cardiovascular system?

We go through the top five misunderstood things about the heart. Do men and women have the same heart attack symptoms? Learn how COVID-19 affects the cardiovascular system and whether the vaccine is behind the current uptick in heart problems. Can you reverse heart conditions once they start?

What percentage of heart disease is congenital? Find out about gene therapy and the state of cardiovascular research. We also break down our approach to medicine and how we all can have better health outcomes. We get to the heart of the problem on another episode of StarTalk.

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