February 1, 2014 12:24 pm

Don’t miss Neil deGrasse Tyson’s exclusive “Conversation with God”

Detail from the Sistine Chapel ceiling – “The creation of the Sun, Moon and Planets” by Michelangelo

Detail from the Sistine Chapel ceiling – “The creation of the Sun, Moon and Planets” by Michelangelo

I admit it.

The least likely interview I ever thought I’d hear Neil deGrasse Tyson do is with God.

After all, God has got to be considered one of the toughest “gets” in the business.

Then again, Neil interviewed Morgan Freeman, who has played God – twice – so maybe Morgan put in a good word for him.

But as surprised as I was to find out that Neil was interviewing God, that was nothing compared to some of the divine revelations that Neil was able to get out of him.

For instance, did you know that God misses ritual sacrifice?

Or that God had two other children besides Jesus, and that Jesus was in fact a middle child?

Or that one of the things about humanity that most surprises God is that we can’t see the pattern in Pi?

In fact, once Neil got God talking, the secrets of the universe just started pouring out.

Want to know how many universes there are in the multiverse? Or how old the universe really is? Or why there are flightless birds? Or fish that can’t swim?

Ever wonder who God’s true chosen people are? Or how God feels about people who bully and kill in his name? Or whether God has influenced the outcome of a sporting event?

And if you’ve ever asked yourself, who would win in a fight, God or Superman, you’ll finally get the answer.

The one thing God wouldn’t specify: whether aliens exist, when they’re attacking Earth, what weapons they’ll use, and how they plan to invade and enslave us.

But that still leaves plenty of territory for Neil and God to cover. Evolution. The fossil record. Creationism (or “creation science” as God likes to call it). Quantum physics. String Theory. Free will. Relativity. The Big Bang. How the universe will end. The laws of physics. Pluto. Corporations and the Illuminati.

Best of all, Neil is able to get God to answer one of the great mysteries of life, “Do you know why bad things happen to good people?”

For the answer to that, and to hear all of the other divine revelations Neil deGrasse Tyson elicits during his exclusive interview with God, you’ll have to tune in Sunday, Feb 2 at 7:00 PM ET on our website, iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud. (Sure, there’s a big football game on at the same time, but which would you rather do: listen to someone give God credit for an amazing victory on the field, or listen to God himself?)

That’s it for now. Keep Looking Up!

–Jeffrey Simons

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