About Dr. Natalie Starkey, PhD

Dr. Natalie Starkey is a cosmochemist; her research combines space science and geochemistry, analyzing comets and asteroids to probe back 4.6 billion years into the early Solar System to understand where everything came from. 

Natalie is excited to talk to people about geology and space science, in fact, she’ll speak to anyone who’ll listen. She’s presented science on TV and radio, having worked regularly with the BBC. She also writes about science for newspapers and websites, as well as working with schools to help increase the science appetite of young people.

Natalie grew up, studied, and worked in the United Kingdom before moving to the USA in 2015 where she is now based. Among other projects, Natalie’s recently completed a book called Catching Stardust for Bloomsbury Sigma, published in early 2018. She is also currently researching her second popular science book: Fire & Ice: Space Volcanoes.