The CLIMAX Event was a 61-kiloton device detonated on 4 June 1953, at the Nevada Proving Ground (NPG).
The CLIMAX Event was a 61-kiloton device detonated on 4 June 1953, at the Nevada Proving Ground (NPG).

Things You Thought You Knew – What is Energy?

Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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About This Episode

How is energy different from matter? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice break down what energy is and where it comes from, ancient theories about sight, and how wheels keep us moving. Explore physics, thermodynamics, and more!

What is energy? How did the idea of energy come to be? Learn about how early scientists thought about energy, kinetic versus potential energy, and how energy gets released. We discuss energy in food, fuel, bombs, and the sun. It is energy that built civilization, but will it also destroy it?

How did Greek mythology influence the stars? We explore the myth of Medusa and what it shows about ancient theories about sight. Learn about discovering the mechanism of sight in the golden age of Islam. Are there other examples of misconceptions about sight in mythology? We explore the constellation of Perseus, the head of Medusa, and the variable star that is her eye.

What part of a moving train is going backward while the train is going forwards? We delve into the physics of wheels and how they move us. Did you know that when you’re driving there is a part of your car that’s going 0 mph? Find out the physics that’s happening in your wheels. What part of the car is going twice the speed? Learn how the wheels of trains and different wheel shapes. Is there only one usable shape for a wheel?

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