The Evolution of Love and Sex with Dan Savage

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About This Episode

Dim the lights and get comfy when Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with sex columnist Dan Savage about modern love. Meanwhile, Chuck Nice and biological anthropologist Helen Fisher look at sex scientifically, and Bill Nye rants about… what else? Find out which basic brain systems are responsible for sex drive, romantic love, and deep attachment, and compare the drug-like biochemical aspects of sex and romantic love. Explore data-informed similarities and differences across genders, gender identities and sexual orientations. You’ll get different takes on love at first sight, polyamory and one-night stands from Savage, whose Savage Love column has run for 24 years, and Dr. Fisher, who is the chief scientific advisor to Discover the secrets to a long lasting relationship – and why they might have nothing to do with true love and finding the perfect mate. Demystify fetishes, perversions… and Tinder. You’ll also hear why neither sexpert believes humans are naturally monogamous and how we’ve developed what Helen calls a “dual human reproductive strategy” – falling in love and pairing for child-raising but also behaving adulterously – and Dan calls “monogamish.” (Warning: Adult Content.)

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