National Geographic photo of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Al Gore.
National Geographic photo of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Al Gore.

Saving the Earth, with Al Gore

Credit: National Geographic.
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About This Episode

On this episode of StarTalk Radio, we investigate ways to combat the climate crisis. We’ve assembled a team of experts to help us understand what really needs to happen to save our planet. Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with former Vice President, Nobel Prize winner, and environmental activist Al Gore, journalist Andrew Revkin, climate scientist Kate Marvel, and comic co-host Chuck Nice. 

Find out why Al Gore deemed it was time to make a sequel to his Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. You’ll hear more about the sequel, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power which was released in 2017. We discuss why the solutions to solving climate change are still complicated. You’ll learn how to deal with climate deniers. We explore the shared tactics of the fossil fuel industry and the tobacco industry when it comes to releasing information to the public. Andrew explains the importance of telling the truth when science reporting. 

How do you balance fueling a capitalist society and safeguarding the Earth? Our panel tries to solve that seeming paradox. Al Gore tells us why in order to solve the climate crisis, we must first solve the democracy crisis. Learn more about the Paris Agreement from 2016. And, Chuck has an idea how to convince the current President to rejoin the agreement. Investigate how bad humans have made the Earth for other species. You’ll also investigate humanity’s general impact in the Anthropocene era. 

Get details on the DSCOVR satellite: Al Gore’s involvement, why its launch was delayed, how it was resurrected, and what it currently studies. Kate tells us about the “feedback loops” of global warming. We answer fan-submitted questions on climate change including “Can the Earth reset its own climate?” Al Gore gets a chance to ask Neil some questions on the multiverse hypothesis. All that, plus, our panel ponders what will happen to our planet in the next ten years. 

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In This Episode

  • Host

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Co-Host

    Chuck Nice

    Chuck Nice
  • Guest

    Al Gore

    Al Gore
    Former Vice President, Nobel Prize winner, Environmental Activist
  • Guest

    Andrew Revkin

    Andrew Revkin
    Science Journalist, Former New York Times Dot Earth Environmental Blogger
  • Guest

    Kate Marvel

    Kate Marvel, PhD
    Climate Scientist, Associate Research Scientist at NASA GISS/Columbia University

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