Surgeon Holding Injection Vaccine
Surgeon Holding Injection Vaccine

Immunizing Against Anti-Science with Peter Hotez

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About This Episode

How do you stop the spread of anti-science rhetoric? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Paul Mecurio break down disease prevention and the rise of anti-science with physician and global health expert, Peter Hotez.

Find out about Peter’s work on “forgotten diseases” and how climate change affects the spread of tropical diseases. We discuss the rise of anti-science and the impacts of the anti-vaccine movement. How do you uncouple anti-science beliefs from political ones? We explore the idea of medical freedom and the responsibility of doctors to balance academic freedom with professional ethics. What does it mean to be a “critical thinker”?

What are some of the strangest conspiracy theories? How can non-scientists contribute to science? Learn about the Dunning-Kruger effect and how to respect freedom while also enforcing scientific belief. We discuss our society’s approach to presenting facts versus opinions.

How do you discuss science with skeptics without starting an immediate argument? Has there always been this much anti-science or is it a product of the internet? Which anti-science movement is the most shocking? Learn about the movie Shot in the Arm and the history of vaccine hesitancy. Do Peter and Neil ever feel like they want to give up on explaining science to people?

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