Extended Classic: MythBusters (Part 1)

Photo Credit: Leslie Mullen
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MythBusters are in the house! In Part 1 of this classic podcast, now extended with 10 extra minutes of new Cosmic Queries, Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomes Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to his office to talk about experimentation and the importance of using good data when applying physics and science in real life. You’ll learn how easy it is to tell when an experiment is faked, using shadows, Space Shuttle launches and the Chelyabinsk meteor in Russia in 2013 to illustrate the point. You’ll find out how the two special effects wizards got started with MythBusters, what their first experiment was, what their most expensive episode was, and what happened when they tried to prove you can clean out a cement mixer with dynamite. Plus the problems that prevented them from investigating two infamous urban legends: alligators in New York City sewers and the infamous “Poodle in a Microwave.” Meanwhile, in the studio, Neil and Chuck Nice chat about the Darwin Awards, Snopes.com, fear of reptiles and the least likely show to ever appear on Nickelodeon.

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