Cosmic Queries with Bill Nye and Astro Mike

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Neil’s off this episode, working on the new COSMOS series for FOX, but guest host Bill Nye the Science Guy, co-host Eugene Mirman and guest Astro Mike Massimino have a world of fun answering your questions. Bill explains how electromagnetism works, who Michael Faraday was, what NASA’s MAVEN mission will be searching for when it reaches Mars, and why you might not want to wear magnets on your wrists to improve your health. You’ll get updates on the state of 3-D printing, liquid metal batteries, carbon nanotubes and super conductivity. Find out how NASA shields astronauts from radiation, what would happen to a fish (real or Swedish) in a giant water bubble floating in space, and how spacecraft move through the void without anything to “push against.” Join the gang as they speculate on warp drives, light speed travel and teleportation. Plus, the Science Guy puts on his engineering hat to discuss the biggest challenge faced by mankind today: climate change.

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