Planet Earth Image credit: NASA
Planet Earth Image credit: NASA

Cosmic Queries: Planet Earth

Image credit: NASA
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StarTalk Radio comes down to Earth as astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice answer fan questions about our home planet. How was Earth formed? What is the earliest limit of the fossil and tectonic record? How does the high proportion of landmass in the Northern Hemisphere affect Earth’s rotation? Which will happen first – the Sun’s expansion into a red giant or the death of the dynamo inside Earth? Could a shift in magnetic poles happen in the near future, and what would that mean? In terms of natural disasters, where is the safest place to live? Does the full Moon affect tides? What would carbon-based life be like if Earth had double the gravity? Were there red sunsets in prehistoric times, before human pollution? All this, plus Neil’s classic answer to the question, “If the moon is getting further away from the Earth each year, how can we have a Super Moon?”

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