Photo Credit: NASA
Photo Credit: NASA

Cosmic Queries: Human Endurance in Space

Photo Credit: NASA
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What challenges and perils await humanity on our journey into space, and will we be up to the task? In this episode of Cosmic Queries, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice discuss why pressurized space suits are required on a spacewalk, how the Sun’s ionizing radiation can harm human biology, and other short and long term dangers of space exploration. Neil also talks about dangers we bring with us into space, like the impact of charismatic leaders on off-world colonies. You’ll find out more about the human side of the colonization of Mars, from the comfort food NASA’s cooking up, to the emotional value of pets, to the feasibility of the Mars One project. Discover the conditions on Mars under which water can coexist as a liquid, a solid and a gas at the same time, known as water’s “Triple Point.” On a lighter note, Neil and Chuck speculate on sports in space, and for Harry Potter fans, how zero gravity will impact Quidditch, brooms, and the Golden Snitch.

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