Cosmic Queries: GMOs with Bill Nye (Part 2)

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Just in case Part 1 wasn’t controversial enough, Bill Nye and Chuck Nice are back to answer more of our fan’s questions about Genetically Modified Organisms. Find out whether there are nutritional and health differences between GMO and non-GMO food, and whether GMOs are even tested for their impact on human health. Learn about the unintended consequences of GMOs, including the decimation of the Monarch Butterfly and the impact of monoculture farming on pollinators like honeybees. Explore whether we can, or should, modify animals for research and drug testing, or for other purposes, like creating plants and bacteria for the bioremediation of heavy metal soil contamination or oil spill clean up. You’ll also hear about government regulation, agricultural policy, international restrictions on seed importation, and whether companies like Monsanto, Dow and Con Agra are acting as monopolies, or if marketplace competition keeps them in check. Bill and Chuck also discuss food labeling, and whether there are any truly non-GMO foods that have never had human input.

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