Andromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy

Cosmic Queries – Galaxies Galore

Nielander, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
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About This Episode

What does JWST tell us about galaxy formation? Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice answer questions about galaxies, measuring the distance of far away objects, dark matter, primordial galaxies, and more!

How do we determine how far things are from Earth? Learn how stereoscopic vision inspired astrophysicists to discover the distances of far away stars. Learn about Henrietta Leavitt, variable stars, and Hubble’s discovery of the andromeda galaxy. What is parallax? Find out about arcseconds and how Star Wars uses parsec wrong.

Why can we see massive galaxies just after the big bang? We discuss JWST’s primordial galaxies and the definition of dark matter versus dark energy. Why doesn’t dark matter fall into the center of galaxies? How do supermassive black holes get so big? What does this mean for the age of the universe?

We explore redshifting and the nature of the universe’s expansion. What would be necessary technology for aliens to have in order to visit us? Why would aliens be interested in Earth? How has the JWST forever changed our understanding of the universe?

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