Cosmic Queries: Bill Nye Edition

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About This Episode

We asked you for Cosmic Queries specifically for guest host Bill Nye, and you responded enthusiastically. In this episode, the Science Guy takes the mic to answer your questions on subjects he’s passionate about, selected by co-host Chuck Nice. Starting with evolution, you’ll find out what “survival of the fittest” really means and why sex is the most effective way for a species to evolve. Bill talks about immunity and natural selection, altruism and society, and why he feels technology is enhancing evolution, not replacing it. You also asked questions for Bill in his role as CEO of The Planetary Society, including what’s next for human space exploration and how we can cope with challenges like bone mass loss and food and water supply on a human mission to Mars. Bill discusses the problems with the Mars One project and the moral aspects of privately funded space exploration. On a lighter note, find out Bill’s favorite episode of Star Trek: The Orginal Series and what he feels is Leonard Nimoy’s greatest contribution to science.

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