Image of UAP
Image of UAP

Are They Here? with NASA UAP Chair, David Spergel

Department of Defense
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About This Episode

Are the UAP sightings aliens here on Earth? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian co-host Paul Mecurio discuss the congressional hearings on unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) with astrophysicist and chair of NASA’s UAP independent study team, David Spergel.

Learn about the UAP hearings, what the goals are, and what NASA can contribute to our understanding of these phenomena. What is NASA’s attitude on UAPs? What sort of institutionalized thinking needs to be overcome? Find out what an “artifact” is and why so many UAP sightings are classified. Are conspiracy theorists right that the government is hiding something?

Why are people afraid to report UAP sightings? How can we reduce the stigma around reporting UAPs? We discuss China’s spy balloon and the discovery of lightning sprites. Why aren’t UAP sightings more common? Is there a reason why mostly the military sees them? Learn about examples of unidentified things in the sky that turned into scientific discovery.

What makes something anomalous? We discuss the difference in culture between the military and science community and what changes are needed in both. We think of ways for ordinary citizens to collect UAP data and the likelihood of even recognizing an alien spacecraft. Plus, what could a UAP be besides weather balloons and aliens?

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