The Creation of Adam
The Creation of Adam

A Conversation with God

Photo Credit: The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo
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This Sunday, Neil deGrasse Tyson has the most exclusive interview in the history of StarTalk Radio – a one-on-one conversation with… God. Yes, God. Neil takes full advantage of the opportunity, asking God about everything from evolution and the fossil record to the Big Bang and the possibility of alien life. The two discuss free will, creationism, relativity, quantum physics and string theory. But that’s not all. You’ll find out why God put so many stars in the sky, which extinct animals he misses the most, how many universes there are in the multiverse, and how he was able to stop the sun in the sky for Joshua. More surprisingly, you’ll find out what God thinks of people who kill in his name and how old the universe really is. For these and other divine revelations, this is one episode of StarTalk Radio you can’t afford to miss.

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